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Tag: Christian Romance

A girl with a beautiful mind…


By Jenna22 on September 18, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

EJ McCay has a deft hand with dialogue and mastery over the stream of consciousness experienced by protagonist Lilly James in Broken Like Glass. Lilly is one of the walking wounded, who has experienced far too many of life’s harshest and heartbreaking body-blows. On the outside, all appears fine, until she returns home for the weekend after many many years away, and stabs her adoptive father in the Safeway. As she begins to deeply converse inwardly with Papa, her nickname for God, who has been her only rock in an unsteady world… and in an “okay” life (not a happy life) it brings Lilly on a journey of self discovery. Along with God’s use of Lilly’s childhood crush Uriah Pendleton and other former friends she embraces and rejects transformation of those jagged, broken pieces inside her shattered soul. Highly recommend.
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