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Silent Night Pursuit by Katy Lee

Silent Night Pursuit (Roads to Danger)
Author: Katy Lee
Questions…And Secrets
5-star Review by Jenna22 on Amazon

I won’t reveal my age by stating how long I’ve been reading Harlequin Romance, but let’s just say the first ones had vintage 2-color covers, titles such as “Nurse Saxon’s Patient” and featured exotic settings. I mention this because I know an exceptional addition to Harlequin’s inventory when I read it. After devouring book after book and (mostly) enjoying them all – I can count on one hand the number of reviews I’ve ever posted – or probably on half a hand. And I couldn’t wait to review this one… It’s that good.

The new breed of Harlequin / Harlequin Love Inspired books aren’t your granny’s Harlequins. Silent Night Pursuit by Katy Lee is a stellar example of the “rebooted” inspirational romantic suspense line waiting to be read (err…devoured). Fast-paced, clock-ticking, with plenty of James-Bond-like shenanigans, Silent Night Pursuit has you rooting for Lacey, Wade and a red superman-cape-wearing canine named Promise from their first snowy encounter. It’s a book filled with realistic details of service dogs, handlers, PSTD, women in car racing, covert ops… and, guaranteed by this book’s inclusion in Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line, offers danger, memorable goons and good guys, True Love, unexpected twists, and, in Silent Night Pursuit specifically, “What a Jesus kind of love looks like.” Did I mention unexpected twists? Yep!

Now don’t let the Jesus part sway you, to pass this book by. I compare Love Inspired books to a friend you have, who happens to believe (or not believe) the same way you do. You’re still friends, still go on adventures with them, still share your innermost secrets… Their faith is part of who they are, And you accept that. It’s the same with LIS – the books work because like Ms. Lee’s other novels (Sunken Treasure, Grave Danger, Permanent Vacancy, etc.) they’re extremely well written, suspenseful, intriguing – with deep characters who draw you in, and plenty of page-turning action. And unexpected twists (oops, said it again).

Five stars from me. You can see from my photo here I couldn’t even put Silent Night Pursuit down while doing laundry!

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