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Month: June 2017

Dunkirk Week WWII Epic Novels Sale

Are you ready for Dunkirk?

Thanks, so are we! And we’re not just talking about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming summer blockbuster movie.

  • Beyond the major motion picture, there is the Dunkirk Week WWII Epic Novel Sale.
  • Discounted Books for 99c each
  • 40+ authors (including moi, Jenna Victoria) of the Facebook Second World War Club have joined together for the “Dunkirk Week WWII Epic Novels Sale”.
  • From July 21-27 (the opening week of “Dunkirk” ), we will discount a selection of our books to 99c to bring you more riveting tales of WWII from around the world.
  • My WWII Christian time-travel romance War of the Heart is one of the featured book.
  • This is a great chance to discover some awesome WWII stories.

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